Behind the Scenes

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WOW. I keep putting off a post but I know I need to resurface here for a sec. It has been very busy behind the scenes as I work on designing and creating fall items (in addition to, you know, the whole running-a-household-and-momming thing). It seems too soon to be thinking about fall but I already feel behind!


I am also excited to announce that I have signed up for a couple of local craft fairs! I am super excited but also slightly panicking, hence the lack of posts since I have been crocheting my hands off! I am hoping to have enough of an inventory plus display pieces for advertising custom orders. I am confident I can do it, but the perfectionist in me will keep me freaking out until showtime. More details will be shared via Facebook once I learn more. 😊

For now, check out a sneak peak of some of the items I have been working on in the below gallery! I have been focused on fall accessories, such as cowls and mitts. If you are interested in the patterns for these designs, I highly recommend the book [affiliate link] Design Your Own Crochet Projects by Sara Delaney. So far I have been using the written pattern examples, however I plan to use her “magic formulas” to fully design my own once I have a little more time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I promise to post again soon! For now, I should probably go tend to the pot of water that just started boiling…




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